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Dr Sai Rajendran


  • Vascular Surgery


Dr Saissan Rajendran is a vascular and endovascular surgeon who holds clinical appointments at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Gosford Private Hospital and Sydney Adventist Hospital. Dr Rajendran received his medical degree from the University of New South Wales then undertook his vascular surgical training across Australia and New Zealand at major vascular and trauma centres including Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Waikato District Hospital. On completion of his surgical training, he was accepted for two specialised endovascular fellowships. The first was at St. George’s University NHS Hospital in London where he gained expertise from eminent vascular surgeons Professor Peter Holt and Professor Ian Loftus in the treatment of complex vascular disease and in performing minimally invasive 'keyhole' vascular procedures. His second fellowship was at Policlinico Abano Terme Hospital in Padua, Italy, under the tutelage of Professor Marco Manzi, who is at the forefront of lower limb endovascular revascularisation techniques. Now based in Sydney, he utilises the skills obtained abroad to provide high quality vascular care for his patients. Dr Rajendran believes in collaborative care, in which a multidisciplinary approach involving strong communication and partnerships between all involved medical professionals will optimise patient outcomes. His aim is to consistently provide his patients with a more efficient, accessible and personalised experience.


Dr Rajendran has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international meetings on many aspects of vascular disease. He has completed a Masters of Surgery thesis on rupture after endovascular aortic repair and currently undertaking a Masters of Philosophy looking at the outcomes following major vascular reconstruction in pelvic exenteration patients. He is a conjoint academic to the University of Sydney. Dr Rajendran is also involved in the supervision and training of upcoming vascular surgeons as well as being an invited examiner for the Vascular Fellowship trials, Vascular Fellowship Preparation Course and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Primary Clinical exam.


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MBBS , GDAAD , MS (Vasc) , FRACS (Vasc) , DDU
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