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Something has hatched in the new Day Surgery Reception

It turns out one beautiful piece of work from local artist Grant Molony and his brother simply isn't enough so another piece has hatched in the paediatric waiting area in the reception of our new Day Surgery Unit.

Something has hatched at Gosford Private Hospital and it has been created by none other than talented, locally renown Indigenous Artist Grant Molony.

Grant was approached to develop an intricate wall mural for the new foyer earlier this year as an important acknowledgement and reminder of the traditional owners of the land on which the development sits.

His initial mural reflects a majestic black cockatoo in flight, showing a balance of opposites.

However, upon completion it was felt we needed to also extend his influence and talent into the paediatric waiting area with a new commissioned artwork.

Contributing artists to this body of work include Russ Molony and Jason Goulding and Grant shared his artistic insight on his latest creation, commenting that the mother turtle and baby turtles have an important significance for family and connection.

"The two pieces of works reflects a story of beauty and growth exploring the interwoven connection of land, sea and sky," Mr Molony said.

"The three tail feathers of the black cockatoo in earth colours represent the three families we have in Aboriginal culture.

"Our immediate family, our community and mother herself the environment.

"Our palette of calming tones pulled from the landscape help to offer a moment of beauty, reflection and hope.

"Embracing the amazing natural world on our doorstep and bringing it into the built environment.

"The turtles celebrate family and connection. The circles show meeting places and the lines between represent the travel between these sites."

To learn more about Grant's beautiful work, including the work he has done previously visit: or follow him on Facebook @grantmolony