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Join our upcoming GP Education Evenings

If you are a GP on the Central Coast come along and earn CPD points while listening to insights from our skilled specialists talking about some key topics.


Date: Tuesday 19 July, 2022

Topic: When can surgical intervention assist treatment? Caring for patients experiencing co-morbidities from obesity and colorectal conditions.

CPD Points: 4


Dr Peter Hamer : "Identify, discuss and assess surgical intervention through weight loss surgery as a treatment pathway for medical conditions"

Dr Mifanwy Reece: " A pain in the @^$&! – Benign Perianal Disease assessment in general practice settings"

Venue: Magenta Pullman Shores


Date: Tuesday 26 July, 2022

Topic: "How to apply a holistic approach to maximising joint health in Total Knee Arthroscopy"

CPD Points: 4


Dr Simon Hutabarat : "Spotlight on the new frontier of joint replacement and Total Knee Arthroscopy (TKA) technology (Kinematic Alignment explained)"

Nicole Saliba, Dietitian: " " What is the role of weight loss, anti-inflammatory diets and nutritional supplementation in joint health?"

Venue: The Box on the Water