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A calm and restorative place for regular patients at new Day Surgery Unit

Stage one of the new Day Surgery Unit includes a new, private infusion suite for our regular patients requiring treatment and one of our long-term patients provides her insights on her experience in the new suite.

For Central Coast local Margaret, Gosford Private Hospital has become almost a second home over the last 15 years.

A regular infusion patient due to an underlying immune related illness, Margaret has been coming for infusions at Gosford Private Hospital for over a decade and said she’s delighted with the new infusion suite that has been established in the new Day Surgery Unit.

“For years we’ve kind of been put where they fit us, which is understandable but I can’t tell you what it means to have a nice, quiet, private space with comfortable chairs that mean you can relax while receiving treatment,” Margaret said.

“What many don’t realise is that when you come regularly for treatment it isn’t a case of come in, sit for an hour and go, my day starts at getting here at 9am and treatment often doesn’t finish until 2/3pm. So you are here for a reasonable amount of time.

“I have been very active in providing feedback to staff and the hospital on how regular infusion patients’ needs can be better met and I’m so happy that not only this feedback been listened to, but also actioned upon.

“These chairs are just amazing and I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be looking forward to their treatments more now we have this new space.”

Gosford Private Hospital Day Surgery Unit Nurse Unit Manager Rachel Vehikite said Margaret’s feedback echoes the feedback of many of our regular infusion patients.

“We specifically designed and installed this designated infusion suite for our regular infusion and oncology patients so they can receive treatment and recover in privacy,” Ms Vehikite said.

“We made sure to engage and incorporate patient feedback into the development of this new area so that it is a calm and restorative space and I’m looking forward to welcoming more of our regular patients so they can experience the high quality, exceptional care in comfort.”

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